While you're worried about your kids running around on Halloween, it's easy to forget about your PETS.  And you know, they're just like your family, so you want to make sure they're taken care of, too.  There's nothing worse than having to go to the vet the day after Halloween, right? Well, that was very specific anyway, so here are four safety tips from the ASPCA.


1.  Don't let them get into the candy, because chocolate is toxic for dogs.  If they eat one bite-size candy bar, they'll probably be fine, because milk chocolate isn't that bad for them.  Dark chocolate is more dangerous though.


2.  Don't put real candles in your jack-o-lanterns.  They're easy to knock over, which can start a fire.  So if you have dogs or cats, use fake candles with batteries.


3.  Don't MAKE them wear a costume.  Some dogs don't seem to mind it.  But if yours HATES it, don't force it on them.  And almost ALL cats hate it.  Also, make sure it's loose enough so they can breathe.  And it shouldn't have any dangling parts they could chew off and choke on.


4.  Put them in a bedroom and close the door.  Especially during peak trick-or-treating hours, so they don't run outside.  And make sure they're wearing their collar, just in case they DO get out.  Worst-case scenario, they could BITE someone . . . even if your dog is fine with people, having a hundred strangers come to the door in a single night can be stressful.

Hopefully you and your pets will get through this Halloween skirmish free.

Pettingly yours,


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