This. Is. Amazing. 

So there was I was, minding my own business, looking on the internet, when I saw this jem of a clip.  I HAD to show it to you.  Warning though: There is a swear in this clip, but only one, I think.

This guy seriously has most of a drum kit in his car, and he just plays along to the radio where ever he sees fit!

I gotta admit, I hope he's listening to Bob FM.  He's pretty good!  It looks like he's had some struggles in his life, so I'm glad that music makes him happy.  You know?  Who cares what makes you happy in life, just go for it.  Sure, you might look a little odd, but you never know, you might put a smile on someone else's face.

Thanks to our drummer friend and the eagle eyed Sedalian, Jeremy, who took the video.  I wish I saw more stuff like this around town. I mean, Sedalia's just weird, isn't it? We have our own special line of just weirdness.  I say, let our freak flag fly!

Stay weird, Sedalia!

Drummingly yours,


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