Hope all of you who are reading this were registered to vote, and went out and exercised your right to do so.  No matter what political side of the spectrum you are on, voting is important. You had 4 amendments to vote for on this midterm ballot.  Our state voted 'YES' for two of them.  What happens now?  I will try and break it down.

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Missouri’s measure will legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older and expunge records of past arrests and convictions for nonviolent marijuana offenses, except for selling to minors or driving under the influence.

Beyond just the decriminalization of adult use of marijuana, this amendment is also creating a pathway for people with non-violent marijuana-related offenses to petition for release from prison or parole.  People with previous charges related to non-violent marijuana offenses will also be able to petition to have their records expunged.

Not every marijuana criminal conviction will be up for expungement, however. Those whose convictions included a violet element, those who sold to people underage and those whose convictions included driving under the influence will not be able to petition for expungement.

It could bring a fair amount of revenue to the state, for businesses. And there will be a cost to the state as well.  You can click HERE for more details on that.

Kansas City Police Funding

Missouri voters passed a constitutional amendment that will require Kansas City to spend a larger percentage of its general revenue on the police department. The amendment requires the city to spend 25% of general revenue on police, up from the current 20% requirement.

Kansas City is the only city in Missouri — and one of the largest cities in the U.S. —- that does not have local control of its police department. Instead, a state board oversees the department’s operations, including its budget.  You can click HERE for more details.

This was the 2nd time that I got to vote as a Missouri citizen.  To the volunteers at my polling place, it was super easy to vote, get in and out.  Thank you.

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