Isn't it always the way - you buy them toys, and they play with the box. 

That's always been the way it is for my animals, anyway.  But I recently actually found a legit toy that they'll play with, at least for a few minutes.

I've always been a little frustrated with them about this.  I'll buy them toys, little balls, squeaky things... and what do they do?  Take kibble out of the bowl and play with that on the kitchen floor.  Will they play with the ten dollar ball toy I got them?  No, but they will fish out the milk jug ring out of the trash and play with that.  Will they sit in their cat bed and have a nap?  No, but they will play with that loose shoelace they found.

And of course, the boxes.  I could get a bag of catnip delivered to me from Amazon and they won't want anything but the box. Really, most of their play time is just chasing each other all around the house.  Not supposed to jump on the table? I'm on it!  Here's my cat fur all over  your table!

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that they are animals.  Stupid, stupid animals with tiny brains that don't know anything about paying student loans.  They understand food, running, squirrels, cuddling, and that's about it.  And part of it isn't just that they're simple creatures, but they're Stubborn creatures.  We fight every day to have my cat sit NEXT to me, on ON TOP of me.  Every day.  10 pounds of fur wants to sit all over my chest, but I have to convince her to just sit next to me.  And when she finally does, if I get up, well, then we fight again for her to get out of my seat and go back to where she was.

Eugh.  Does your dog or cat or whatever you have do this?  Do you have toys that they like better than others?  Let me know what's going on in your pet's world.

Boxingly yours,

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