Most computer programs have tons of keyboard shortcuts to handle things without making you click through menus. But the thing is, most of us never learn them. Here are six that work in just about every program there is.

1. CTRL S to Save. Most programs auto-save, but you still need to save on your own. And mousing over to the File Menu and clicking 'Save' takes two or three seconds.

2. CTRL Z to Undo. It's great for word processing, and photo or video editing. If you make a mistake, just hit CTRL Z and things will go back to how they were.

3. CTRL C to Copy, CTRL X to Cut, and CTRL V to Paste. CTRL C saves selected text or images to the Clipboard, and CTRL V pastes them wherever the cursor is. CTRL X deletes selected text or images WHILE saving to the Clipboard.

4. CTRL and the plus sign to Zoom. And CTRL with the minus sign zooms back out.

They save a HUGE amount of time. Using the menus, you have to mouse and click multiple times for each zoom level.

5. CTRL P to Print. This one brings up the Print window immediately, and saves two separate mouse clicks.

6. CTRL ALT DELETE to Exit. It'll let you exit out of a frozen program when the mouse isn't working. On a Mac, hold down the Command, Option, and Escape buttons. For all of the other shortcuts, just use Command instead of the Control button to do the same things on a Mac.

LEARN FROM MY YEARS OF OFFICE WORK.  Let me think that my hours of toil behind a desk hidden in my office are not in vain!

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