You see it in movies and tv all the time.  Our hero is working hard against the elements, he's trying to stop the bad guys. He's the only out there fighting against all all these monsters.  Or he's the only one who is out there trying to make a difference against the dirty old men with all the money. 

Picture it with me, dear reader. Of course, our hero has to take a moment to remember what all this is for.  So our Detective/Lawyer/Scrappy Crimefighter/Journalist/Author, who has been slogging through this case for weeks, takes a moment to try to clear his head at the desk.  Yes, he's got a hot cup of cheap black coffee. Yes, he's surrounded by files and papers.  Yes, there's probably a white board or a chalk board that's been written on a thousand times.   And then, right there, in the corner, you see a little framed photo of a cute little five year old red headed girl.  His family.  His motivation.  The thing that he'll go home to after he's fought against all the criminals or werewolves or tornadoes filled with sharks, or whatever, is right there to remind him to keep on keepin' on.

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I think we all do it to an extent, whether we're fighting serial killers, crazy clowns, or just trying to get the inventory done before quarterly taxes are due. Ya know, taking a look at a cute picture of your dog to cheer you up after you had a bad sale or a customer that wanted to yell. You know. Over the years, there have been different things I've had in my work spaces to keep things kind of cheery.  Sometimes, you keep things on your desk as a conversation starter.  Sometimes, it's just for you, to keep your motivation up.  What did my Facebook followers do to their space?

  • Nothing fancy…pictures of family

  • Beth G

    I have 6 plants and a wall of pics of my family and friends

There it is.  She has.... Six.  Plants.

I have all sorts of little things in my office to do that for me.  But lately, I decided to take on new project with my office mate, Steve.  Steve is basically a succulent (I think he might be a Devil's Ivy?).  I've had him for at least seven years, probably longer than that.  Anyway, my online friend Dana has a plant's similar, and she does this with hers. I thought it looked pretty cool, so, why not?

Steve's New Spot

So now that you've seen what I've done with my office (or at least some of it, I bet you could figure out the rest between the glimpses of BTS merch and Townsquare stuff). What do you do your office space, cubicle, or work area? Do you have pictures on your desk or in your locker? Maybe a Chiefs flag in the corner? Or maybe you're like me, and you have a Steve of your own? Do you spruce up the joint with your favorites?

Succulently yours,

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Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood

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