I know I'm a little different. I've accepted that! Now, to get Husbando to accept it...I'm sure everyone has their own little quirks at home. When I get out of the shower, most of the time I go barefoot. If my feet get cold, then the socks go on. And it has been a little colder this month, naturally, since it's, you know, Winter. So I've been putting my socks on after my shower a little more frequently.

But. I have a weird thing that happens when I get to bed. I'll get all snuggled in and have the pillows just right and my humidifier on and head off to dreamland. Then, at some point in the night, I manage to take off my socks and leave them under the covers. I don't know how or when it happens, but when I wake up I'm usually barefoot to start my day. And honestly, I forget about it.

However, Husbando cannot forget about it. He is typically the one who handles the laundry, which means he washes the sheets from our bed. And almost every time, this is what he sees.


On this particular occasion, there were 23 pairs of socks under the covers. He was mystified because.. it hasn't been twenty three days since he last washed the sheets. It's been more like fourteen. So, how did that many socks get under the covers?

Wait a second... is my bed the place where all left socks go when they leave your laundry?! GASP. I might have just solved the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle of socks here!

Does your significant other have any little "habits" that you find amusing? Tell me all about em here!

Laundrily yours,



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