So for this past week, I've been on a little "staycation" here at home. I didn't want to spend a lot of money by going somewhere, and honestly, I think part of me just needed to rest and be still.  So for the most part, I was.  After all, there was a lot going on the internet to entertain me.  And, it was an election week!

So it ended up that I did a lot of little things that didn't really mean much, but there were some bigger things!  I voted on Tuesday, and while all the election didn't go the way I wanted it to, it was nice to see a large turnout so early in the morning. Then on Wednesday, we apparently had to go to the grocery store, because we have nothing to eat in this house, according to Husbando.


No food. None.  So there we were, buying.. more food.


Then Friday, he had a doctor's appointment in Columbia.  After that, we did a little time wasting before the girls were ready to get picked up after school.  We did some shopping!  I bought some t-shirts and some work pants and some jeans that Actually Fit Right (Not too long, not skinny jeans, you know. Apparently I'd been wearing pants about four sizes too big... I lost weight, maybe?).  I know, shocker!


I finally bought myself some fun stuff.  Although I felt bad about spending the money on myself, I was appeased with stickers.


Friday night was pretty chill.  The teenagers hung out with us, we had pot roast, and there several serious cuddle sessions with blankets and cats.

Then, it came time for a nice party on Saturday afternoon. My dad's side of the family all got together and we had a great time!


I saw some of my cousins I hadn't seen in ages!  It was nice to get everyone together and eat tons of food and goof off.


And, I got to experience a very intense game of Uno. I had some stiff competition amongst the girls.  I never did win.


Then came Sunday.  After a nice brunch of cinnamon pancakes, Dad comes up with an unexpected gift!


He got us all some faux mink comforters for our beds.  The girls LOVED them, because they love anything soft and cuddly.  And it looks like the cats are attracted to them, too.  So soft.  So nice.  What a considerate gift!  Thanks again.

Anyway, now I'm back to work and my usual shenanigans.  Have you ever taken a staycation?  What did you do?  What would you like to do on a vacation?

Stickeringly yours,

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