I've been cooking a lot more this year, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Whenever the girls are here for their weekend, almost always I am asked to whip up some scrambled eggs.   So since the weekend's coming up, I thought I'd impart some of my hard earned wisdom regarding this breakfast favorite.

Making great scrambled eggs isn't as easy as you might think.  To do it right takes attention and effort.  If you want your eggs to come out fluffy and creamy every time, here's a list of nine mistakes to avoid.


1.  Turning up the heat.  Eggs have to be scrambled slowly, on low heat.  It avoids browning, and gives them a better consistency.


2.  Cooking them too long.  You're supposed to take them off the heat while they're still wet, but not runny.  Otherwise they'll dry out while they're cooling off.


3.  Using old eggs.  People forget that eggs have porous shells.  They let air in and out.  Every day they stay in your fridge, they're losing moisture and absorbing odors.  Use them within a week for the best taste.


4.  Not stirring enough.  Stir often for the creamiest eggs.  You have to keep breaking down the egg curds as they form.


5.  Whisking them too early.  You should whisk the eggs just before you add them to the pan.  It adds air and makes them fluffier after they cook.


6.  Not whisking long enough.  You shouldn't have any of those big clear bubbles left after you've whisked.  The mixture should have the same consistency everywhere.


7.  Adding milk or cream.  Don't add any liquid at all.  It just separates from the eggs during cooking, and that gives you scrambled eggs that are both wet AND overcooked.


8.  Using the wrong size skillet.  An eight-inch pan works well for two eggs.  A bigger pan makes the eggs spread too thin, and they'll cook too fast.  A smaller pan makes them pile up, and they don't cook evenly.


9.  Seasoning too early.  Don't season until right when the eggs are done cooking.  Otherwise the salt can break down the eggs, and make them turn watery.  I also put a little garlic powder in there, but that's optional, obviously.

Happy Scrambling!

Breakfastly yours,



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