I am not a person who likes to fight. I don't argue if I don't have to. I certainly don't like to do it on the internet.  But there are people who do. Oh, and they really do. Call me judgmental, but if someone is going to go on the attack - don't they have to be defensible? Don't you have to seem at least like you know what you're talking about? How can you be credible if you type out comments that make you look like you can't use basic English?

I admit it, I get annoyed when I see the terrible spelling and grammar problems on social media. It's even worse when they're spewing out their opinion with tons of incorrect spellings, punctuation, and just... terrible English skills. I admit also that I have to take a comment with a grain of salt if the person uses blatantly incorrect grammar. I'm not talking about super advanced stuff, I'm talking about the basics. Here are a few that get my goat:

Breath/Breathe. Example:

You take a breath. My turtle has terrible breath.

You need to calm down and breathe. The medicine helps my turtle breathe.

To/Two/Too.  Example:

I trained my turtle to do it.  It's not hard to do.

I have two apples. There are two turtles.

That's too many turtles. I like turtles, too.

Sail/Sell/Sale. Example:

My turtle set sail on the high seas. The sail had Davy Jones on it.

I want to sell my turtle. My turtle does not want me to sell him.

My turtle is not for sale. This is a yard sale.

Your/You're. Example:

This is your responsibility. This is your turtle.

You're reading this. You're going to the store for turtle food.

Descent/Decent.  Example: 

The plane is making a sharp descent. The bird is on the descent.

That's a decent turtle. That's a decent effort.

Also, you might want to think about using punctuation. If I remember correctly, the rule is that you put a comma in where you would naturally take a pause when you speak. The period is put down when you finish a sentence not all the way at the end or not even at all and who cares about all that anyway who are you to judge me

See? When you're arguing on the internet, and you violate these basic rules... you're making yourself look bad. At the very least, you're making yourself look uneducated. It's hard to prove your point if you're not able to write your argument properly.

I'm not talking about typos. I'm not talking about autocorrect. I'm not talking about a little mistake every now and then. I'm talking about basic writing skills.

Or, I guess we could stop arguing about stupid stuff on the internet.

Naaah, that'll never happen.

Grammarily yours,

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