Okay, so this one is a little weirdThe Venture Brothers is/was a cartoon on the Cartoon Network, depending on who you talk to. Anyway, it's amazing.  If you've never seen it, basically it's a version of Johnny Quest with more craziness and adult humor.

This particular show is very funny, and very self aware. There's the basic scientist, Dr Venture, who has two sons, and his bodyguard that protects them all from insane super villains. Well, super villains, sure, but we're not talking about Lex Luthor here. The villain that hates our scientist is a guy dressed as a butterfly.  The Monarch had two henchmen in particular who were his "favorites", I guess you'd say - named 21 and 24. Instead of having names, they get numbers based on when they joined up, you get it.

So in the basic plot of the show, to make it simple (yeah, right) The Monarch goes to prison.  His sidekick/significant other, Dr Girlfriend, has left him for his rival. His top dudes, 21 and 24, decide to visit The Monarch in prison for Christmas, and naturally they break into song. Which song? The holiday classic, "Hard Candy Christmas", of course.

If you've never seen the show, you really should check it out. If you like irreverent humor, that is, and incompetent super villains and even more incompetent super heroes. And pirates. And intergalactic beings.  And necromancers. You get it.

Candily yours,

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