Okay so in my house, there is a whole tub in my living room of blankets. Some were gifts, some were things made for me, some were bought.  There's a whole big ol plastic tub of em.  So many, you guys. And there's another tub in my bedroom that has even MORE blankets in it.

So while I do like to be warm, clearly I cannot use all of these blankets at any one time. And now that it's just me around the house, do I really need all those blankets?  Probably not. I mean, I won't give away sentimental gift blankets.  Stuff that means something, I'll keep those, for sure.  Like the one my Dad gave me of all The Beatles albums, or the one my friend Heather hand quilted for me.  You gotta keep the ones that are important, obviously.  But what to do with the rest? Here's an idea!  The Salvation Army will take them for ya, as long as they're gently used (so you  might not bring the one with the huge coffee stain on it).

We will be at CVS parking lot this Friday taking donations of blankets and/or coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. If you can’t make it Friday, you may drop donations off at The Service Center Mon-Thurs 9:00A-1:00P at 1200 E. Broadway. All donations will be given out to those in need during Food Pantry hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00A-12:00P!

They'll be out at CVS from 10-1 on Friday, January 28th. This also might be a good time for you and the kids to look through some old hats, scarves, gloves, etc, that don't fit them  anymore. Or, you know, ones your teenager won't be caught dead in anymore.  I'm sure they loved that Spongebob scarf when they were eight, but now?  Maybe it should go to a deserving kid that needs a little warmth.  And if you don't have any you want to part with, maybe just pick up a couple little things at your next Wal Mart run.

So go through the closets, the storage, the tubs in your living room, and donate what you can!  It'll give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to know you're helping someone in town that needs it.

Fuzzily yours,


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