He did for the lulz, and I can appreciate that. You remember the other day I showed you a couple of signs that were strategically placed around town.  Well, some of you do know, and some of you don't know, that the signs were a reference to a long running joke online.

If you're on Facebook, you're probably either in or know about the group Sedalia's Voices.  Sometimes people post important information, sometimes they ask questions, sometimes they're just silly.  Repeatedly in the group, people have been very vocal about their love for things like Target, Olive Garden, Hy-Vee, and things like that that we don't have in Sedalia but we wish we did.  So putting the signs around town was a sly reference to that, to bring a chuckle or two.  But Who Did It?  I was able to find out pretty easily, actually.

I was already at work when I heard about the Target sign in front of K-Mart, but some of our eagle eyed listeners were able to fill in some details about the others.


Hmmmm.  The sign shop. TIME TO PUT ON  MY DETECTIVE HAT.  So I googled the name of the sign shop at 16th and Grand, and it's AB Signs.  I got the manager's name and searched him as a member of Sedalia's Voices... and there he was.  I sent him an email and straight up asked him if he did it, and he unequivocally admitted it.

Here lately there have been unending questions about what every spot of dirt in town is being constructed into, and it seems that we have a few dedicated members who always respond with something like Target, Hy-Vee, Olive Garden etc. My little shop now has 5 wide format printers, and since I was dialing the last one in the other day I figured I might as well have a little fun with my work!  Hopefully a few more people in town saw than humor than those who were mad by the fake signs.



Well played, sir.  Well played.  Thanks to Austine Groves over at AB Signs. Sorry if you got your hopes up, Sedalia, but I for one think it was funny. We could all use a moment or two to take ourselves a little less seriously.

Sleuthily yours,

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