In year's past, it's seemed like stores have been open earlier and earlier to accommodate Black Friday shoppers. Heck, wasn't there a year there where Black Friday started at like, 6 p.m. Thanksgiving?  Well, that's not the case since the pandemic.  Stores that were open all the time on Thanksgiving, like Wal Mart, are opting out.  So I did a quick little search and decided to lay it out for you.  What's going to be closed this year, and what's going to be open?  Some places are a little surprising, what they chose to do.  Of course, these are just the big chain stores - the local shops and restaurants will make their own calls on when they're going to be open for business.

What's Closed on Thanksgiving

I didn't get pictures, but Lowe's, Game Stop, Menard's and Tractor Supply will be closed as well. And now, just in case, let's get you the list of what is going to be OPEN on Thanksgiving. Again, this is just the big stores, nothing about smaller local establishments.

What's Open On Thanksgiving

I didn't get photos, but Starbucks will also be open on Thanksgiving, as will the Family Dollar.  Harbor Freight will also treat it as a normal day, but they also aren't going to open early on Friday, as far as I can tell. So basically you'll be able to get the absolute essentials at maybe a drug store or a general store on Thanksgiving if you run out of something last minute.  I think the important thing is make sure you do the last store run earlier in the week or even the weekend before.

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