One of the things that bugs me the most when I have to be out in public and dealing with other people is the lack of consideration for others. 

I mean, come on, be aware of your surroundings, right?  Take a second and flip on that turn signal. It would really save me a lot of panicked moments out there.  So since that was ruminating in my brain, I thought I would ask you guys on our Facebook page about social etiquette, and what you think are the essentials. These certainly aren't all your thoughts/comments, but I just picked out a few to talk about.

Larry P
Re-rack your weights!

You know, I haven't been to the gym in ages. And when I did, I only got on the treadmill. So I can't really know how annoying it is to deal with weights on the floor. But it must be another instance of lack of consideration for others. I mean, put it back where you found it, right?

Matt W. A
Stand back from the elevator after you push the button so people can get off.

Yes, how can you get on if they can't get off? You're just gonna stand there and stare at each other?

Scott J
Don't talk while the song's on!

This is only essential to me when it's an important or legendary song. But then, if I was actively trying to listen to something and someone kept interrupting me, I can see that. But for casual talk in the car, nah.

Diana S
Don't talk on the phone or answer a call/text while being helped at a counter or drive thru.

YES. Please, let's concentrate. If you're at a store and it's time for you to check out, be present. The clerk might have relevant questions. After all, how do they know if you want your eggs in a separate bag unless you listen them ask you? If you want the bread on top of the noodles, you gotta pay attention. And if you're in the drive thru? Come on, you probably shouldn't be on your phone at all. You're driving.

Sarah M
Personal. Space. There’s no reason to be inside a strangers bubble 😳

This is something that really bothers me, particularly in the last couple of years. Doctors and experts are telling us to distance ourselves. There's no need for anybody to be all up on me for any reason, and I have extra reasons for you to back the heck up. Most of the time, I find it's a person who just isn't thinking, thinks they're a lot friendlier with you than you think, or someone is trying to intimidate you. It's not cool, either way.

Anyway, those were just some of my thoughts and your thoughts. What's a social etiquette rule everyone should follow? What do you think?

Politely yours,

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