In the past, I've talked about our various attempts to grow things.  Currently we have some blackberry bushes in the backyard, and they seem to be doing alright. We have bushes in the front yard, wildflowers, some assorted daisies, and a rose bush on the side of the house. We've done herbs, berries and veggies in times past, but not this year.

There's something that I've been reading about that I think I want to try, though. But, it might be too late, I'm not sure. HALP.

I keep seeing little things here and there about how you can plant certain herbs and it'll keep away nasty little bugs.

Specifically I want to keep flies and fleas away from the house - I don't want to have alot of pet issues. I know I can google it, but... I wanna ask you guys what's worked for you, personally. Do you plant stuff outside, do you keep plants inside, do you do both? Which works best? Which is easiest to grow? Which is the most worth it for the money?

Pretty please with sugar on top, give me some suggestions, oh Green Thumbers. Oh: And one note, Husbando hates Lavender with a firey passion, so it kind of has to NOT be lavender. Just about anything else, as long as it's not crazy expensive or hard to get, would be welcomed.

Plantingly yours,

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