You guys, I've never really been a coffee person. I mean, I like it fine. The smell is amazing.  

My boyfriend drinks it every day, pretty much all day long. But then, he might have a problem. And clearly he has problems in judgement because he's dating me on purpose.  But I like coffee, too.  I have some candies in my desk drawer in my office that are latte flavored.  And somebody always makes coffee in the break room.  But I never really drink that much of it, I guess it just wasn't my thing.  Now hot teas, that is more my thing. But it can be hard to find just the right spot for YOUR thing, right?  Right.

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And I have found a nice newish place right here in Sedalia that you might not know about yet!  Could be just right for you - whether you're a hot tea person or a coffee person. Let's check out Coffee Port Café.

Sedalia's Hidden Gems - Coffee Port Cafe

If some of this looks or sounds farmiliar.... it might be because it is.  Coffee Port Café is the brainchild of the same people who brought you the C O Port Coffee & Creperie I told you about last year.  They're coming up in the world, and for good reason!  The workers were super nice, the atmosphere was welcoming, it was a pretty easy spot to find, and the drinks were good while not being pretentiously pricey (I didn't try a pastry, full disclosure. But I saw a nice couple eating a crepe next to me and they were quietly discussing amongst themselves that it was tasty).   Now don't get me wrong, we have a few great coffee shops in town (Teremok, Ozark Coffee, Starbucks, etc) but Coffee Port Café is, in my uneducated opinion, a hidden gem.  It's totally worth a trip in and maybe a little hangout time, or a quick meeting or something.

What are some of your Hidden Gems of Sedalia?  Is it another retailer, or maybe your favorite part of a park, or a historic site, or something altogether different?  Tell me all about your favorites, and maybe I'll stop by and check it out for myself.

Gemmingly yours,


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