You'll find some strange things buried in the dirt around your home's foundation. Some were dropped by accident and others planted back in the day for the current owners to find and to speculate on the findings, but this Michigan homeowner's find probably tops the list of weird things to dig up while renovating your home.

I think I might have seen a bowling ball or two used for some type of landscaping in my 60+ years years of being on this earth but nothing could match what was found while tearing out some back steps at this home.

Encountering some cinder blocks during the renovation of his Michigan home,  David Olson, 33, saw something round and black as he was trying to make progress with his project. He ran into a couple of bowling balls right at the surface under his porch. As he started digging deeper he came upon more and more of the balls.

After Olson finished with his excavating his total count was 160. According to a story on, it wasn't uncommon for people to use the used bowling balls to fill holes as they were easier to maneuver than sand and/or gravel. Olson went on to say:

"There's definitely more ... but at this point in the area I need to work, I've dug down about 2 feet lower than when I found my last ball and I think it's pretty much cleared out in that section."

The maker of the bowling balls, Brunswick Bowling Products, confirmed that the balls were non-toxic and safe to dispose. With getting the good-to-go on the balls, Olson is using some for landscaping and he's donated others.

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