I was tooling around on Facebook the other day and I saw this great update from the Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department.

I live kind of in the neighborhood that the Heckart Community Center is being built. So occasionally I'll drive by (if I'm not looking at spooky houses in the area, lol) and wonder about how the progress is going.  I'm sure you do, too.  Well, the Parks and Rec of Sedalia decided to send some updates on how things are going.  And I figured, heck, if I'm interested, you might be, too.  So why not spread the word/love?

I'm pretty excited now that I've seen what they've got in the works.

Heckart Community Center

It's going to be opening in March.  I saw online that they're going to be selling memberships coming up in December.  You don't have to buy a membership though, you can just pay by the day if you don't think you're going to go that often.  But if you're going to go more than once a week, it would definitely save you some money to get a membership (seven bucks a day versus twenty bucks a month).  I didn't quite see it, but the pool is going to have a lazy river, and they're also going to have a hot tub, but no sauna.  All in all this looks amazing and I am going to have to seriously consider getting a membership.  Maybe my health ~~~journey~~~ could be accented with some swimming or walking or dancing!

What do you think about the progress so far? Are you excited for the opening? Will you buy a membership?

Healthily yours,

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