Last week, I wrote up a little something about the Hotel Bothwell and reports of it being haunted. Apparently there are a lot of other reports all around town. In fact, there's a whole discussion on Facebook about different things people have seen around town that they just can't explain.

Talking about the Hotel Bothwell, Carla had this to say:

I've heard stories about the kids on the 3rd floor bouncing balls all night. A couple different people I know who stayed there said they would put their combs or what have you on the side of the sink when they went to bed and when they woke up, they would be moved.

Rachel told us about the screaming lady on Green Road:

So the story goes that a Son and his mother lived in a house on Green Road, right on one of the corners. He snapped one night and drug his mother into the back yard and murdered her. He then buried her under what is now a set of concrete steps. Supposedly you can still hear her screams around 3:00 a.m.

A couple other people mentioned places downtown on Main Street, and there were other reports about the Liberty Center having some kind of paranormal activity. Even the Sedalia Public Library has a haunting, according to Kim:

I was on the board of the Sedalia Public Library. There is supposed to be a ghost there. She smells like lilacs. When the renovations were being done one of the workers "felt" her presence. I never did in the time I was there, but apparently she creates a breeze when she passes by and you can smell lilacs.

Crystal told us about The Gates of Hell that are supposed to be by the Whittier School:

I wanna say it was between Montgomery and Marvin, maybe 14th or 15th.  Any way, years ago the street didn't go all the way through.  Before the city made it a through street, there were storm drains.  Me, my sister, and friends would walk by and get the snot scared out of us! We would swear you could hear voices...

Susan told us about a house on Grand that is actually in my neighborhood that is haunted.

There is one on Grand at, I think, 7th St...the 3 story blue Victorian that is supposedly is haunted by a little girl who died there in the 1800s.

This is pretty crazy, because I babysat at that house a few times when I was a teenager. I was chasing four kids around though, so I probably didn't have time to see a ghost.

It wasn't just residential homes, either. Businesses have hauntings, too! Shania told us about a crazy incident at her workplace:

I work at 302 W. Main (NW corner of Main and Kentucky). One day I was sitting in the office, entering paper work and a gust of wind came through the building. The back door (leads to the tool room) flew open, in return the front door (leads to the outside) flew open. I’m not sure if it was ever ghost related as that is the only thing I have experienced. But nothing to my knowledge could have caused that. The back garage door was closed and nobody else was there except me. Pretty weird.

Ellen had some very inexplicable stuff happen at her business as well.

There are actually a lot of hauntings in Sedalia. I own a secondhand store at 206 W Main, next to the pet store. A lot of things happen, including shelving moving from one end of the building to another. It got so bad we had to bolt them down. We've had toys brought from back of the store to the front carpeted area. Also a friend of mine rented a house at 3rd and Harrison where we caught a bunch of images on her security cameras just after leaving for work one morning.

With all these spooky sightings, Keith had one that was the SPOOKIEST.

My house is for sure haunted. The toilet seat is always magically getting lifted up, when cookies are made they always vanish, and the clothes somehow end up on the floor.

Okay, so he's joking. We all needed a little laugh break there, I think.  I gotta admit I'm a little skeptical when it comes to these kind of things, but I love me a good ghost story. I think it's something about the unexplained, the mystery that I love. It's like a puzzle that will never have all the pieces.  Everyone is curious about the afterlife, if there is one. There's probably some part of us that wants this kind of stuff to be real, because it means there will be a reunion with loved ones who've passed. After all, you could be haunted by a relative who's just looking after you. Or trying to torment you. I guess that depends on who's doing the haunting.  Either way, it's so fun to hear these tales from all around town.

Do you have a ghost story you've seen in town, or heard from someone? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Spookily yours,

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