It's always fun finding out you've been doing something WRONG your whole life.  And you can probably blame your parents or grandparents for this one.

Although you might not want to be too hard on 'em.  They're cute and just wanna make sure you get a peppermint at church, after all.

An E.R. doctor who writes for a big newspaper's health section just did a big write-up on one of the biggest first aid MYTHS he sees all the time.  He says you shouldn't actually use HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to clean cuts.  And the same goes for rubbing alcohol.

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It's something people used to do, and a lot still do it.  Heck, I just did it on my ear the other day.  And it works.  BUT.  Not without some negative consequences that can be easily avoided.  Because yes, both of them do kill bacteria.  The problem is, they also kill skin cells.

Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol both cause "corrosive tissue damage," which can actually slow down the healing process and make SCARS more likely.

Instead, he says to rinse your cut with water.  Then just put a little triple-antibiotic ointment on there.  Remember all those skinned-up knees your mom "cleaned" with alcohol, and how much it STUNG?  

So I guess I gotta add some ointment to the list again.   I had no idea!  Anyway, I asked you guys the other day about some stuff you learned you were doing wrong all your life.  Or even the stuff you were just doing the hard way, and you had no idea.

Some of us were thinking about the simpler things in life.

Dana M
Cracking open eggs.

OH MAN. There are so many ways to do this, too! And I'll tell ya, though, this...this task in life is one of a few that I'm actually good at. I'm the person you call to the kitchen to crack the eggs for the Christmas cookies when your hands are occupied and you don't want shell in the bowl. You're welcome.

Yvette AN
Look back to my answer a few days ago
I peeled grapes for years because my uncle told me I couldn't eat the peeling

Okay, I'll give you that, ha! But then, who doesn't love a good two-fer, you know?

Some of us, though, were thinking more big picture.

Erin P
Life itself

Amy W
Actually caring what other people think of me

It might sound harsh, but they're right! Although I will admit, I have trouble remembering that one sometimes, too.

So there we have it, we're all learning a little something today, ya'll.  You can always weigh in and tell me a few more if you like.

Peroxidially yours,

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