You've seen it a thousand times, and it's still impressive. 


I took my pets to Dr Gouge for years before he retired.  His office was just a few blocks away from our house, and he was always so  nice to  me.  He remembered that I worked here for the radio stations and listened to KSIS while he worked.  I hope someday a vet decides to move into the old building, because it's just awesome.

I did some research (I know, I was surprised too),  and found out a few things about the story of the place.  It was built in 1937, and designed by a local architect Lewis Paul Andrews, who also designed the old Garst's/Eddie's building.  It's on the  National Register of Historic Places.   It started with Dr Mord Gouge (What an amazing name. Why don't we have names like that anymore?) and his sons Robert and Hardin.  Over the years, Hardin moved on, but Robert and his son Robert Jr (My Dr Gouge) stayed and kept the place going for ages.  I looked at some of the details, and the whole building took a little over seven grand to build.  Can you imagine what that would cost today?

Maybe I'm just being sentimental because Dr Gouge was my vet.  But I can't be the only one who likes that Art Deco type style of building, right?  The wrought iron and the railings that look like dogs?!  It's just so pretty.  Yeah, it's probably lacking like, an MRI machine or whatever they've got behind the curtain at the newer places, but... I just would hate to see it get into disrepair with lack of use.

OH.  IDEA.  Maybe instead of a vet clinic, it could be like, a dog cafe?  You could get your drink at the prescription counter, and then they could open up the rest of the rooms for you to sit or something. Those cafes are totally a thing.  You come in and get your coffee and pet dogs.  Or cats! Or raccoons!  Racoon cafes are completely a thing! Oh, you don't believe me?  I HAVE PROOF.


Well, that's probably a bad idea.  I have tons of those though, if you need a bad idea.

Anyways, thanks Dr Gouge for all the help for my little fur babies.  I hope the building gets the attention it deserves.

Meerkatingly yours,

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