I didn't really go out on the Labor Day weekend, but I did step out once. Normal stuff, really.  But then as I was on my way home (taking some side roads to get to Main instead of Broadway... you know the pain of traffic this past weekend), I saw this.


Have a nice day.  A little smiley face.

While I'm not one to condone graffiti that was done without permission (there are some buildings in town who commission graffiti art, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about those), this was kind of nice. I mean, it's better than, you know, "stuff it" or something rude.

And you know what, I did have a nice day.  So maybe the thought was enough to manifest itself? I don't know.  I do know I like this better than the "salt" stuff I've seen around town.  I've heard in comments that it's supposed to be slang for drugs or something.  Not good.  I'd rather have a nice day, thank you very much.

Have you seen any graffiti art that made you smile?  Where was it? What did it say?

Graffitingly yours,

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