I'm sure we're all about diets where you can eat chocolate cake all day and lose weight . . . this appears to be one of those diets.

On this diet, you don't count calories, you just count how many BITES of food you take . . . and you want to take exactly 100 bites in a day.

Researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina found men eat an average of 17 calories per bite and women eat an average of 11 calories per bite.

So at 100 bites, men would eat 1,700 calories and women would eat 1,100 . . . those are low enough amounts to lose weight but high enough to keep your metabolism going.

You should also chew each bite 10 to 20 times, and avoid taking in calories you DON'T have to bite, like the calories in soda or milkshakes . . . or drinking gravy through a straw.

Not that I know anybody that would do that.  I certainly don't live with one.

Dietingly yours,


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