When I was a kid, Christmas was MAGICAL.There were pretty ornaments and tinsel and presents and tons of great candy and food. It seemed like everything was just better at Christmas time.

One thing my Mom and Dad would do at some point every year, if not more than once, would be to go look at Christmas lights. We'd pile in the car, and we'd drive up and down the streets to see if anybody had decorated their houses. Some people had elaborate lights, others had blow up snowmen, or nativity scenes, some even had their lights synced up to music.

It was always fun to go out and see everyone's creativity. But when we were little, it was always quantity over quality, definitely. I didn't care if you had done something clever with your lights, I just wanted to see the house COVERED. And while now I might prefer a muted white or a nice blue, back then I wanted multicolored lights that blinked. I guess I just wanted to stimulate my tiny imagination.

We would always make a point to drive by The Castle. I think Sedalians know what I mean. There's a big house/complex outside of town, and it looks a little like a castle. Basically, a super rich person's house. They would always have something fun, and it was a big conversation amongst us about what we would do if we lived there. Mom never wanted a big house because it mean there were "more rooms to clean".  Dad liked the idea of having more garage space for his dune buggy. My sister and I just wanted our own rooms.  Another stops included the Hotel Bothwell, and Liberty Park. They both always had nice displays to drive by. It was nice that people had allowed us to have a little moment of imagination, a little moment of fantasy, with their Christmas lights.

But do people still do that? I guess we don't decorate as much as we used to in our house. We generally don't even do much at all. I can't remember the last time we took the girls out to see lights, but... they are thirteen now. They're probably too old.

Do you take the kids out and look at Christmas lights? Are there certain places you like to go?

Christmassly yours,

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