Sedalia was so excited when we heard that our very own Devin Berry won the national Sonic Skate Off competition. Now, he's back from the competition and starting to get things back to normal.  He's grateful for the win and all of your congratulatory messages.  I got to meet him and get a little of his story, and what he hopes to keep doing in the future.  I'm not a good video person, so sorry if it's a bit shakey. And, you know, the highway is right there, so hopefully the cars don't get too loud.  I tried my best.

His manager, Holly, says he's a great employee and always comes into work about a half an hour early.  Dedication! It's so nice to hear that Devin just wants everyone to be positive and hopeful.  I hope he gets to do more appearances for the kids.  I hope he gets to treat himself a little with his cash prize ($1500).  If you see Devin out at work, tell him congrats!

Sonically yours,


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