Sometimes I think we, as Sedalians, just lose our freggin minds. 

There are times when we just all kind of throw our hands and give up.  I think the East Woods parking lot is an example of this.

Most of the time, if I'm stopping at the store for maybe a gallon of milk or something, I'll stop by the West Woods because it's on the way home. If I'm doing a big shopping trip I'll go to Aldi, and if I have to get stuff like vitamins, cat litter and a few other items, then and only then will it be the People's Republic of Walton.  But on occasion I will find myself making my way out to East Woods.

And every freggin time, the parking is just...chaos!  I don't know what it is about that parking lot, because it seems to have the same rows designated as every other place.  It has the same signs and instructions as every other place. But people there will park willy nilly more than any other place in town!


I don't know if you an see it very well (I'm a terrible photographer) but it's like cars are just parked wherever and in whatever direction they want.  And some of the worst parking jobs I've ever seen in Sedalia history almost always end up being here.  I've seen people literally have the parking lot line right in the middle of their cars, taking up two spaces easy.  One time I saw someone do that, but they had also pulled their car up in such a way that they even took the spaces on the OTHER SIDE too. Like, why even have a line, right?

And this parking lot is the WORST when it comes to people parking up front, not even in a spot, and waiting for someone to come out. I've seen people do that at Wally World too, but they do it all.the.time. here.  Almost every time I go, there's someone doing that.

What is it about this parking lot that makes everyone lose their dang minds?  I mean, there are other parking lots in town that are super busy or confusing, but this one has got to take the cake.  It has the lines and designated spots that every other parking lot does, but for some reason people just kind of... ignore them here.  Why?

I just don't get it.

What do you think?  Where's the easiest parking in town? Where's the hardest?

Parkingly yours,

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