Some of us are miserable because of bad luck, and some of us are born that way.  But the REALLY miserable people get there because they WORK at it every day.  Check out the 14 habits of highly miserable people, and try to avoid them.

1.  Worrying about money.  They worry about losing their job, about going broke, about getting scammed, about how much everything costs . . . even about DYING broke.

2.  Being bored.  When you're bored, you tend to do self-destructive things just to entertain yourself.  You might have an affair, or start fights for no reason.  And then you also become BORING, which ends up making you lonely.

3.  Having a negative self-identity.  A great way to be miserable is to take any bad feeling you have, and create a whole identity around it.  When you're depressed, you think of yourself as a 'depressed person,' instead of finding what can make you happy.

4.  Picking fights.  It's one of the best ways to ruin a relationship.  Miserable people tend to cry a lot, and make false accusations.  They say their partner never cared about them.  And if the partner brings it up later, they act like it never happened.

5.  Assuming the worst about others.  They take innocent remarks and twist them into an insult about THEM.  They think other people will always let them down, and they look for faults in everyone around them.

6.  Doing everything for personal gain.  They might volunteer or donate to charity sometimes, but only to make themselves look good.

7.  Never expressing gratitude.  According to research, it makes you happier . . . so miserable people avoid it at all costs.

8.  Keeping yourself in a constant state of anxiety.  They stay informed about future disasters, epidemics, stock market crashes, and possible asteroid hits.  They're never optimistic about anything, because they know they'll be disappointed.

9.  Blaming their parents.  They blame everything they hate about themselves on the way their parents raised them.  And if there's anything they actually LIKE, they attribute it to dumb luck.

10.  Not enjoying life's little pleasures.  They tend not to get into conversations or spend time outside.  They don't go to museums or read for pleasure.  Instead, they find something petty to COMPLAIN about.

11.  Dwelling on themselves.  They're always examining and analyzing their defects.  If someone ELSE has a problem, they find a way to make it THEIR problem.  If a son or daughter gets sick, they think about how they'll have to catch up at work the next day.

12.  Living in the past.  They talk constantly about how much better their lives used to be, and how bad they are now.  Or they focus on how they're so unhappy now, because they had such terrible childhoods.

13.  Trying to reform other people.  They never date anyone who has it together.  They go for people who are unemployed, uneducated, who gamble, or who have anger issues.  And they never stop trying to heal them.

14.  Being critical.  They try to criticize everything, especially the things that everyone else likes.  It's a great way to start arguments, which can make you and everyone else around you more miserable.

Do you have some of these miserable traits?  What do you do to put yourself back on the right track?

Miserably yours,

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