Time to stop trolling Craigslist for Casual Encounters, and START using it to sell all the junk around your house.  Because you're sitting on a GOLD MINE.  Which you might even use to fund future casual encounters.

According to a new survey out of England . . . but one we're pretty sure applies even more over here . . . the average person has $5,600 worth of junk sitting around their house.  The most common things you don't use but could sell are old clothes, DVDs, shoes, toys, computer games, sports equipment, old cell phones, stereo and music equipment, and bikes.

The survey also found almost two-thirds of people say they "dislike" how much junk they have around the house, and 25%say their clutter stresses them out.  12% refuse to throw things away because they might need it one day. 20% of people have enough clutter to fill an entire bedroom from floor to ceiling.

I don't even want to think about the amount of junk I have in my house.  There's so much of it I don't even see on top of what is in the basic house.  There's an attic full of crap, a basement full of crap, and a garage full of crap.  Why do I have so many decorative candles?  Why do I have so many books?  Why do I have a dehydrator? Why do I have a bread maker? Why do I have four aprons?  I never use these things.

Maybe it's garage sale time.  I don't know.  Do you have a lot of junk around your house?  Do you ever clear out some of it, or try to get rid of it?

Junkily yours,

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