The other day I asked you guys a question on social media about your childhood. Sometimes, what our parents do for a living gives the kids some unexpected perks.  For example, my Dad drove trucks for years.  For a time, he worked for Fairmont Zarda, which delivered milk and dairy products all over.  So we would get those little individual cartons of milk you'd get at school at home.  And when he drove for Butternut Bread, we'd get little treats like brownies and Honey Buns around the house.  So I asked you guys, what perks did you have as a kid because of your parent's job?

Some of the answers were downright cool.

Vicky C
The company my father worked at in Chicago would give him tickets for The Chicago White Sox games...The seats were right behind the Sox's dugout...


Yvette N
Have sleepovers in a huge motel parents owned and operated a motel while I was a kid


Joe K
Excellent insurance. 29 years ago today I had my bike accident. Later on my Dad said to me Son you're my quarter of a million dollar boy. I said yeah but I'd rather be the six million dollar man!!! Good times!!!!


Wendi B
We were a test home for call waiting when it was developed. With 2 teen girls at home we were the cool kids. We had it a year before everyone else. My dad worked for sprint when it was home phones.

Some perks were fun for kids, even if it meant we might get in trouble.

Kyle S
I don't know if you'd call it a normal perk, but my single mom worked a lot in the 80s and my sister and I were left home alone all the time. I had full reign over the house. It was a glorious perk. Lol.

Some were just practical.

Doug S
It's the month of the military child, so upon occasion I got to have some of the leftover MREs and a whole bunch of the green ammo boxes that were discarded oh and lots of the government issued pens


Stephanie W
Free doughnuts


Diana S
My father is a photographer so when it came to my highschool graduation photos my friends and I saved a lot of money.


Dolores W
My Dad worked for MO Pacific RR and we had a pass to ride anywhere for $2.00! Several of my friends had same pass!


Carol C
Tires. My step dad ran a filling station

And some weren't even something we really appreciated as kids, but do now.

Dana M
I did not see it as a perk at the time, but my father was in the United States Air Force, which tend to be located in small towns and out of the way places. As kids this allowed us the freedom to play outside, play in creeks, go over to friends houses, explore fields and wood and ride our bicycles for miles. Things kids growing up in cities never get to do.  And then getting to live in places like Idaho and Montana, where we would go camping and fishing and canoeing and all sorts of stuff that city people pay thousands of dollars to do on vacation.  As a kid, I would see all those places on television shows and they looked like exciting places to live. But, as an adult I have been to many of those places and look back and think about how lucky I was to grow up in towns like Paxton Illinois, Blytheville Arkansas, Great Falls Montana and Mountain Home Idaho.

It's always great to connect to you guys and see what your experiences are like. We'll keep talking on social media!

Perkingly yours,

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