This was not deliberate on my part, I swear!  It really was the next box they sent us. Of course, that means I know a bit about some of these snacks this time, since, as you know, I am currently in a weird place with BTS. So now, less yackin, more snackin!

1.  Tteokbokki Snack.


Behka:  There's a little pepper man on the front.  He tells me this is spicy. This doesn't smell spicy.  They look like pasta. They are sweet and spicy, they're a little shiny. I don't know if that's super spicy, though.  That's kinda on the milder side.

Husbando: Too many letters!  They need to cut down on the letters! This is so hard to open.  It smells like... the crunchy strips that you get with soup at a Chinese restaurant. It's sweet.  Most of the way through it, then you get the spice.  That's pretty good.

2.  Green Tea Choco Pie.


Behka: Super crumbly. I smell marshmallow. It tastes familiar. I don't get any tea flavor from it, though.

Husbando:  It just smells like chocolate. It's like a Moon Pie. I don't like green tea. I don't care for it.

3.  Almond Pepero.


Behka:  They look like Pocky. The chocolate is nice. I like almonds, too.  The little stick reminds me of those crispy bread sticks you get with a salad sometimes.  You know, the little thin ones?

Husbando: I can't think of what it smells like.  These are really good.  I know it's not a pretzel, it just says biscuit, but it reminds me of chocolate dipped pretzels. I really like it.

4.  Strawberry Sweet and Sour.


Behka:  The packaging and the feel of it remind me of another kind of taffy candy I can't place here in the States. It starts out pretty sweet, but I get sour notes here and there.  But it's not overwhelmingly sour.  *Internets* NOW AND LATERS. That's what this is like.

Husbando: So far it reminds me of a Starburst. Just with the packaging.  It smells super strawberry.  *Chews* It's a Starburst.  Just a sweet and sour Starburst.

5.  Chamssal Sengua.


Behka: These are exactly like the biscuit things the girls get me from Japan.  They're so tasty. This is just a bit more salty, but the consistency, the crunch, the little powder on the outside, it's exactly the same.  So good.

Husbando: They smell like fried rice.  It tastes like if Rice Chex had a fried rice flavor to them.  It's not bad.  I could definitely snack on those.

6.  Cosmos Choco Corn.


Behka: This is very chocolatey.  It's like eating crunchy hot chocolate. This is insane.  I don't know what to think about this.  It's not unpleasant.

Husbando:  Oh man, it smells exactly like when you open a container of cocoa powder. I don't think I'm going to like these.  It's  a weird consistency, but it's a puff. It's super chocolatey, with a hint of coconut.  It's not bad.

7.  Cocque D'Asse White Torte.


Behka: It's very delicate.  Slightly crisp.  Sweet.  Not quite a shortbread, but close. Like if shortbread wasn't as hard.

Husbando: This smells like cream. That's really good.  It reminds of something, but I can't think of what.  Some kind of Italian dessert I've had.  That's Really Good.

8.  Cheddar Cheese Kettle Chips.


Behka:  I can smell the oil.  Oh. Those are nice. They're not quite like kettle chips here, ours are crunchier.  These remind me of the little bags of chips you can buy when you're at a bar in England. I like that.

Husbando:  Smells like kettle chips. Very cheddary.  It's exactly as advertised.  They're good.

9.  Crown Blueberry Vic Pie.


Behka: Half of it is covered in chocolate. I can see the layers on the inside. It takes up your mouth pretty quickly.  That's not bad, it's that same kind of artificial blueberry flavor you get here.

Husbando:  Victory pie? It tastes like a blueberry pop tart. I don't really like blueberry, so.

10.  Choco Heim.


Behka: It's a crisp little wafer tube.  The wafer tastes like those wafer cookies we get here.  It's just got a kind of thick chocolate in the middle. It says chocolate hazelnut, but I don't get much hazelnut. Although, now that I'm done with it, it kinda reminds me of Ferro Rochet.

Husbando:  The wafer doesn't really have any flavor.  But the inside just tastes like.... *struggles to think*  Nutella? Like Nutella with a crunchy coating.

11.  Hot Gangjung Chicken Snack.


Behka: It smells like the sweet and sour chicken you get at the buffet. It's very crunchy! You immediately get hit with a little spice, then a little sweet.  The spice is more hot on this one than any of the others.  I like that.  I could eat these, no problem!

Husbando:  This is going to be interesting. It contains meat. *Sniffs, makes face* Kinda smells like plastic. Little sweet, little spicy.  I don't care for those.  I think it's a texture thing. It tastes a little bit like chicken, if it was chicken flavored, like, Corn Chex.

12. Joju Tangerine Jelly.


Behka:  It smells almost peppery.  It's very soft, and chewy.  It's not remarkable.  It doesn't offend me, but it doesn't please me.

Husbando:  *Smells, recoils, takes off glasses and wipes eyes* Super Tangerine. *Makes face* That just reaffirms my dislike of tangerines.

13.  Mammos Rice Candy.


Behka: I always dread this part.  It smells like those generic puffed rice cereals? Only a little bit burnt? I can see a little piece of dried rice inside of it.  It's not unpleasant. I just... don't care this much about rice.

Husbando: Oh yeah, smells like rice. terrible.  *Spits it out* It tastes like rice that went bad, that someone poured a lot of sugar on to make it taste better.

Final Thoughts:

Behka:  This was definitely one of the better boxes.  It's the best box we've had in a long time.  My favorite has to be probably the Chemssal Sengua or the Kettle Chips.  The worst one was probably the rice hard candy.  The weirdest one was probably the Hot Gangjung Chicken snack.  But I didn't hate that, it was just strange.

Husbando: Overall it was pretty good.  There were a couple things I didn't like, but there were more things that I would snack on on a regular basis than stuff I didn't like.  My favorite was the Chocolate Almond sticks.  Worst was the green tea Moon Pie thing.  Weirdest was the chicken thing.  That was just strange.

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