Blah blah blah, nobody cares about the intro bit, just get to the weird food! As I am wont to say, LESS YACKIN, MORE SNACKIN.

Glendee Coconut Snack Bites.


Behka:  So coconutty! Strong coconut smell.  Kinda sweet, but not too bad. Little crunchiness.  I liked that.  Not too many of these in the package, though.  There's a big crumb presence in the bottom of this bag.  It tastes like real coconut, though.

Husbando:  *long pause*  They taste like the cookies I used to get as a kid in a Chinese restaurant.  It was pretty good..  I mean, I wouldn't sit and eat a bag of em, but.

Jenn: I mean here's the thing, I secretly hate coconut, but for coconut this isn’t terrible?

Ryan: I'm usually not a fan of coconut flavor but this is mild enough that I'll give it a 7/10.

Almond Chocolate Tivoli Select.


Behka: Very classy packaging. The chocolate smells familiar.  It's kind of like an off brand Kit Kat, but smoother. Like the chocolate is thicker or something?  I can't quite put my finger on it.

Husbando: It tastes like a Kit Kat. Like, a knock off Kit Kat.


Ryan: Crunchy and delicious. I love everything about this.

Tom Yum Goong Big Roll.


Behka: The guy on the package looks like he's in pain.  This can't be good. That doesn't smell pleasant at all.  I don't know what seaweed is supposed to smell like, though. Oh. *face made*  No.  That is hot and sour and I guess that's what its supposed to be but NO.  That did not taste good.  I would give that to someone as a prank.

Husbando:  I like hot and sour soup, maybe this will taste like that. *makes face* Eugh.  It tastes like how a dirty aquarium smells.  That's disgusting.

Jenn: Man, this takes me back to drinking on the shores of France. For some reason we ate a lot of spicy seaweed. It just tastes good when you have been spending the day Kite surfing. Man, those were the days….. Anyways! Christina the receptionist hated it a lot. And now isn’t talking to me.

Ryan: This was the first thing I tried and talking to a couple people beforehand, I can attest to this being kinda gross. Way too salty!

Spicy Pineapple Juzi C.


Behka:  Very bright package. Looks like it was designed for children who have been good and are going to be given a treat.  I like the little monkey! Although I don't know if monkeys eat pineapples, but hey.  Who am I to limit a monkey's cuisine.  It's ridged.  Nice sugar.  Not overwhelming pineapple. Chewy!

Husbando:  It's like pineapple sour candy. But it's not sour, there's a bit of heat.  I kinda like it!

Jenn:  This is like airheads and sourpatch kids had a baby. And I want to eat that baby.

Ryan: I was hesitant to try this as pineapple and spice flavor doesn't sound appetizing. But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Snack Squad approved!

Japanese Curry Snack Jack.


Behka: The little guy on the package seems a little suspect. Kinda like he's trying to lure me into his windowless van. You know, like he's just a little too "harmless".  I get a little bit of a curry smell.  OH. Yes, please. Oh, you're gonna have to fight me for these.  I love these little things.  I don't really taste bean, but I love that curry.  It's not too spicy, just right.  I'll start whittling my shank now, 'cos I'mma stab somebody over these.

Husbando:  They smell great.  I don't know how to describe it, it's just DELICIOUS.I think it's the five spice.  I love five spice.

Jenn:  The most important thing I'm learning from the boxes is every country has their own special kind of Cheetos.

Ryan: A bit spicy but mild enough to enjoy as a travel snack. Kinda tastes like a Combo.

Jack N Jill Potato Rings.


Behka: He looks like a bandit. Is he supposed to be a superhero or something?  Cos he doesn't look like he's up to any good. This smells familiar. It reminds me of something we've had in maybe the Philippines box?  It's fine.  I can't say it's remarkable or offensive.  It's just... okay.  It's there.  I don't really taste any sausagey-ness or potato-ness.

Husbando: NO, what they taste like is ... I can't remember the brand, there's a potato chip that's made locally and it's supposed to taste like baby back ribs.  These taste exactly like those.

Jenn: Sooooo…there is a giant hotdog on the package, which is kinda scary. But its not terrible. I like the texture

Ryan: Look like Cheerios, but more flavor. Enough of a spicy kick to be enjoyed on a lunch break without the indigestion later.

Tao Kae Noi Chicken Larb Seaweed.


Behka:  I'm skeptical. The other seaweed one didn't go well. Well, at least it SMELLS better. They look like little burnt corn nuggets.  I'm dreading this.  Oh!  Oh, that's nice! I get a little char flavor at the end. These don't make me want to spit them out, they're actually nice enough to have a few. I don't know if I get a any chicken or whatever, but this is a pleasant seaweed related relief.  Well, maybe I was just hyping them up to be bad because of the other one, so when it didn't suck, it was like it was a bonus.

Husbando: It smells like plastic.  Like a newly opened board game.  Wait.  Those are good.  A little hint of seaweed. I did get some chicken flavor.  Not terrible.

Jenn: This is literally the best seaweed snack I've ever had. It's so crunchy and tasty.

Ryan: Overpowering taste but might be good in a very small amounts. This is why I shouldn't inhale food.

Mango Sour Punk.


Behka:  Smells very nice.  Very mango. Kinda reminds me of the pineapple gummy.  A little tough, but nice.  It tastes like actual mango! I had no idea I liked mango so much until Thailand pointed it out to me.  Thanks, Thailand!

Husbando:  It's like a super mangoey Sour Patch Kid. That's pretty good, though.

Jenn: It’s a gummy straw. It's good.

Ryan: Interesting in a uniquely nasty way. Way too sour.

Jack N Jill Combo.


Behka: You can see rice in it! Like little puffed rice things.  Nice, smooth texture. The bit in the middle reminds me of Rice Krispies treats.  That's a nice little snack.  Something you'd have when you're out running errands or something.

Husbando: The other one tastes like a knock off Kit Kat, this one tastes like a better Kit Kat.

Jenn: It's good! I enjoyed it. Neat texture.

Ryan: This tasted a lot like chocolate Tivoli Select. Approved!

Mango Sticky Rice.


Behka: Oh my god, it's gelatinous. That's odd.  There's like, no flavor. Just a little hint of mango.  I didn't like the texture. Oh, aftertaste, there you are, to ruin everything. How do people eat this on purpose? Why do they hate themselves this much?  Ready to eat, my butt!  This is ready to be regurgitated.

Husbando: It just tastes like rice. I guess there's some mango in it, but it just tastes like rice.  My Cambodian friend Ruth would love that.

Jenn: So goooooooood. I love sticky rice.

Ryan: One word - AWFUL!

Coconut Cream O Choco Plus


Behka:  Oh, how cute! they look just like the package.  Very shortbready... Little chewy in the middle.  Not too coco-nutty.  That's pleasant.  I would eat that again.  They look like little hockey pucks of chocolate.

Husbando:  They're like a Twix, if it was mostly cookie. I"m not a huge fan of coconut, but this was good.

Jenn: This would be good if it wasn’t for the coconut.

Ryan: Love it! Chocolate plus wafer taste equals WINNING!

Zour Bomb Cola.


Behka:  Oh, this part of the box always makes me nervous.  OH NO. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY MOUTH.  So sour.  This is easily the most sour thing I have ever come across in my life. I get some cola, i guess?  It's so, so sour.  This can't last forever, can it?  Is this my life now? Oh, thank you baby Jesus. The sour is wearing off. Thank you for the cola. The center is tart, but nice. Kinda lemony. Overall, this was a roller-coaster. But not a fun one.

Husbando: OH! SON of a B****H!  This is so sour. That makes America's sour candy look weak. Once you get past the sour, it really does taste like cola. The filling is WEIRD.  Kinda tart.

Jenn: Yikes….

Ryan: Honestly didn't try this one. The packaging looked way to similar to Warhead sour candy. I have bad memories of eating those as a kid and didn't have the nerve to try this.

Hartbeat Salty Lime Candy.


Behka: Oh, it's a little heart shape! How cute!  Wait.  Heart shaped salt.  Okay. Not too strong on the lime. I'm not really getting much salt, either. It's pleasant, but.... kinda bland.  It tastes like a really watered down margarita you bought at a crappy restaurant. I don't think I can finish this one.  It would just be... salt.

Husbando: This candy is supposed to taste like a drink they have there. It's just a salty lime, really. I would want more of these when I was out in the heat, in the sun.  It would make you want to drink water.

Jenn: I dropped it and can't find it. My bad.

Ryan: Nope, not a winner. If being too "limey" is a thing, than this candy is the definition.

Final Thoughts:

Behka:  My favorite was the Japanese Curry snack.  That was awesome.  Although I really liked the Tempura more than I thought I would.  The worst was that sour cola candy, just for that initial blast of gross.  Weirdest for me was the stick of seaweed.  That was just... no. NO WAIT I CHANGE MY ANSWER.  The mango rice was the weirdest.  The sour candy gets a honorable mention in the gross category.

Husbando :  The Japanese curry snack is my favorite.  The dead fish seaweed roll can be dropped off the face of the earth.  The weirdest one was the candied lime.  This box was pretty good, about 80% delicious.

Jenn: MANNN This box was super good! So many of my favorite snacks. BEST: MANGO STICKY RICE. I LOVE IT. SECOND BEST: ALL DA SEAWEED SNACKS. I don’t even have a worst! Damn, I love Thai food.

Ryan: Overall my favorite snack this month was the Coconut Cream O Chocolate Plus. The worst was the Mangy Sticky Rice. It's gonna take a year or more to get that taste out of mouth. The weirdest snack was probably the Spicy Pineapple Juzi C but also a pleasant surprise. All in all, the snacks this month were roughly 50/50. Not my favorite overall, but definitely worth the trip to try it.

Well, there you have it. Another box, another country, another victory for the Sedalia Snack Squad.  Join us next month, won't you?

Sourly yours,


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