It seems like every week, I'm buying the same stuff over and over again. I guess that makes sense, though, I mean, everyone uses the basics like milk or bread or won ton wrappers, right?

Well, I buy the won ton wrappers, you probably don't.  But now Husbando has to stay away from corn products, which means no tortilla chips.  And that means like, a third of his diet is gone if he can't snack on chips and salsa.  It's his thing.  So, we found an alternative.  I think I've written about it before, but I bake up won ton wrappers in the oven and he treats them like chips.  Now that I've gotten it perfected, he says he likes them better than normal chips anyway.

And then there's me, I have a somewhat co-dependent relationship with milk. I've always had a thing for milk ever since I was a kid.  I know kids are supposed to drink lots of milk, but man, I would drink more than the average kid.  And I still have to have at least one glass of milk a day.  There has to be two gallons of milk in the fridge at all times, or I feel like I'm missing something.

Now, I've added to the "must have" list with wasabi and soy sauce. I know it's kind of uncultured but I like to mix them together as a dipping sauce for all kinds of stuff. I don't know why I have such harsh cravings for the saltiest stuff when I'm not supposed to have it.  I guess it's just my body's way of punishing me for existing?

So now, it's like those  things are on the list every time I go to the store. Sure, occasionally there's other stuff like meat or onions or potatoes or shredded cheese, but every time I go to the store, it's won ton wrappers and milk.  You could call me a creature of habit.

Is there something that's on your grocery list every week?  Is there something that you and your family just can't go without?

Grocerily yours,


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