I gotta say, in years past, I did make a bigger deal out of Valentine's Day than I do now. 

In times past, I would make a bigger deal out of it because, well, sometimes you want attention or affection.  And sometimes men are not great at providing or supplying that. So Valentine's Day was something to look forward to, because the dude in question might actually make an effort.

Most of the time, they did.  They'd give me little presents or take me to dinner or whatever, and that was fine.  I had one guy who didn't even open my Valentine's gift.  It literally sat on his table for at least three months, unopened. He never did do anything for me.

But now, things are different. I've been with Husbando for a hot minute now (read: several years).  And the thing is, now that I've been with Husbando, and frankly even back when he was Boyfriendo, Valentine's wasn't that important. Because you see, Husbando is not a dude who has to put in an effort once a year.  He's a dude who tells me every day, several times a day, that he loves me.  He shows it in the things he does for me, and so I don't feel the need to have a special day to celebrate that.  It sounds cheesy, but he really does make me feel like the best wife every day.  I try to do the same, and hopefully it'll keep working.

So really, we don't need some crazy expensive gift - and frankly, both of us are too pragmatic to want to spend an absurd amount of money on something silly just because it's Valentine's Day.  So what did we do? We bought t-shirts.

Yes, t-shirts.  And it's awesome.


His is from a video game he loves to play with his friends.  Mine might not be as obvious to pick out, but I think you know it involves what Husbando refers to as my "homeless asian boys".  It's perfect. 

What will you do for Valentine's Day? Do you want something special, or do you want something low key? Do you think Valentine's Day is a big deal?

Alpaca-ingly yours,

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