So yesterday, you might have noticed that for a span of time there, about an hour, our stations weren't on the air. We're basically all run on computers now, and we have an operating system that controls the music that gets played, the commercials, and all that good stuff. We have the option to either run it by the computer all the time, or switch it to live mode, where we control it in the studio. For the most part, it makes things much easier and things run smoothly.

But on those rare occasions when that system goes down............ yeah.  We're boned.

You hear that high pitched screeching?  'Cos I did.  For over an hour.  Nonstop. Couldn't do anything about it. Just drink that in.

That's called the sound sensor. It lets us know when any station is off the air for more than thirty seconds. And it keeps going... until the issue is fixed. So when the system crashes... we hear that. And we can do nothing about it. It's the stuff of nightmares.

No, literally, when I first started, I had nightmares about the sound sensor going off. It's not a good thing, ever. And it can give you a headache and just RUIN your day like THAT.

So while I'm sure the people that call and tell us we're off the air have good intentions, trust me. We know.  We're very loudly aware that we're off the air. So yeah, it's a lot worse for us than it is for you - not only do we have that screeching, but we also have to make up any missed commercials, etc.

Aren't you so glad we have modern technology?

Headachingly yours,

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