Just yesterday, my boss walked into my office and handed me four tickets to two Cardinals games for this weekend. He said, "I don't care how you give them away, just give them away.  Come up with something brilliant."

Hmmm.  No pressure, huh. I looked at these tickets and I thought, "Dang, there are eight tickets here.  Four tickets to two games.  If someone's going to drop everything this weekend to go see a game, they must be a big fan."

Then it hit me.  OF COURSE they would, if they were a superfan! I just gotta find the superfans out there! So, that's where our giveaway comes in.  If you're a big St Louis Cardinals fan, or you know someone who is, send us a picture showing your Cardinals swag - or tell us something you've done that proves you're a superfan.  We'll choose a few people and have have the Bob listeners vote on who should win! The top vote getter will get all eight tickets. We'll wrap up the contest by Friday, April 20, to give the winner a chance to come by and get their tickets. Submissions have to be in 5:00 p.m Tuesday April 17.

So, email us your photos and you could be a winner!

Pictorially Yours,

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