Okay, so apparently I am far behind the times.  I admit that I've sometimes not been as aware of what's going around me as I should be. And sure, when I get home, sometimes I just veg out and goof off.  But come on, my internet game is supposed to be on point! I mean, I use the dang internet all day long for my freggin paycheck, you'd think I would have caught this one.

Yep, that's a Craftsman ad featuring our own Sedalia Waterloo employees. It apparently got put out a few months ago.  Again, where was I?

Then, I watched it... and I realized that I KNEW one of the ladies in it! I can't remember her name, but I remember I had a part time job once to make a little extra money and I worked with her.  Arlene? Maybe that's it? I feel like a jerk but it was so long ago and I only worked there on weekends for like, two months.

Well, dang, well done folks!  You make it look so interesting to make these products.

Craftingly yours,


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