Has anyone on Facebook ever been HAPPY when one of their friends made five or six semi-literate, factually sketchy political posts a day?  So why do people keep doing it?

A new survey asked people if they do some of the MOST OBNOXIOUS things you can do on Facebook.  Here's what people admit to doing . . .

88% of parents under 35 admit they post pictures of their kids or post updates about parenting more than once a month.

36% of people admit to posting TV or movie SPOILERS.

35% of people make at least one political post a month . . . and 11% have unfriended someone for too many political posts.

25% admit to posting VAGUE status updates . . . something like "Well that just happened" with no other explanation.

24% of men and 20% of women admit to secretly checking out an ex's Facebook profile at least once a month.

10% have used Facebook to mock someone or call someone out.

What are some of the things YOU hate seeing on social media?

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