Every now and then, one of the perks of my job is that you get to meet famous people. Sometimes they're jerks, but most of the time they're just nice, normal people.  During the Missouri State Fair, I'm sure you heard that Foreigner was doing a big show with Night Ranger.  We gave away backstage passes, and I got to have one as well.  Just one though, no Husbando.

So the Foreigner People tell us that we can pick up our passes at Will Call on the day of the show. In the email, the lady said the meet and greet would happen before the show, a little before 7:00, and we could pick up the passes by 6:30.  There was indeed quite the line at the booth, lots of people were buying last minute tickets to the show.  When I got my pass, there was a little orange slip in the envelope that said we were to get backstage by 6:30.  OH JEEZ.  I had told my winner a little before 7:00!  Luckily I called him, and he was able to make it back in time.

One thing the Foreigner People agreed to beforehand was to have the guy in the band sign a guitar for us.  They very graciously did!


We'll use it as a giveaway later this year, I think.  That's not my decision to make.

So anyway, we make it to the VIP meet and greet line. And it was... to be blunt, hella long.  There were a lot of hardcore Foreigner fans who had paid for VIP packages that included posters, bags, shirts, and other merch. And of course, the meet and greet was part of that.  It was a pretty long line, but everyone was in good spirits.

Particularly the woman in front of me in line, who had pregamed a little bit.  She said I looked young (I get that a lot) and probably didn't know who Fonzie was.  I told her I did, and she just lit up. "You know Fonzie?!!!? How cool!"  So that was my takeaway phrase from this year's fair.

Anywhoozle, we get up closer in the line. I wasn't sure what to expect this time, I had done a meet and greet with them last time they came through to the fair.  But it was very professional and effecient.  They took us up in pairs, you did a little fistbump with all the guys, and then they put you in front of the main guy, Mick.  You take your photo, then you get a card telling you where you can download it in a few days.


But there we are, my Operations Manager Rob and myself.  Please forgive the fact that I currently look like a scared potato in these photos. So there you have it, meet and greet goodness with a classic rock band.

Have you ever gotten to meet a famous musician? Who was it? What was the experience like?  Tell me all about it!

Potatoingly yours,


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