Over the years, our town has grown and changed quite a bit.  It seems everywhere you turn there's a restaurant or a new business or an older business that's moved to a new building.  But I think change is good.

And that's the only thing that you can count on these days:  things change.  And sure, a lot has changed just in the last year alone. We've seen some things come and go and there's always something coming soon.

I hear all the time that people want a Target or an Olive Garden, but...do we really need it? I mean, I get that you want it, because when I go to Columbia or something I always pop in Target, but... is it really necessary? Or do we just want it, as opposed to needing it? Where would it even go? I guess if someone really wanted one they'd find a way.

Or maybe it's not just shopping, maybe it's entertainment? Maybe it's something for the kids? Or maybe it's something more essential, I don't know.

We'll get new things and we'll lose old things, and you know how that goes. But today I'd like to see just what it is that you want to change.  Everybody has something that they like to do every now and then that you can't do here in Sedalia.  What would you like to see come here?  Whatever you want, let's shoot for the stars here.  Fill in the blank: “The one thing our city needs is ______.”  Tell me and make sure you also tell me the second important part: Why?


Blankly yours,

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