This past week, starting on Sunday afternoon or so, cable and internet have been out with Charter Communications for patches of time. 

I know it's a first world problem, and it's not something that's a huge deal - after all, if you're so bored without your TV and internet, you could always read a book. Or you could play cards with your family or something. But still, it does make you realize how much we depend on that service, especially at work. The outage on Sunday was inconvenient, and the outage on Monday affected me here at work.  There was another little one on Tuesday, too!

You know how it is, everybody uses computers and email in their work these days. So when that service is down... what can you do? I know here, everything stops when the internet isn't working - I can do what I need to do, but it would take ten times longer.

So I decided to investi-mugate! I went down to the Charter office and I just straight up asked why this had happened three days in a row (don't worry, I wasn't rude).  Sue at the Charter desk told me what I probably should have figured out on my own -  lines were down because of the huge storm we had Saturday night.

The one that I slept through.  And didn't even notice happening. 

So they're out, working on lines, figuring out what needs repairing, and doing a great job all the while. Sure, we were without for a bit this week, but we're FINE. Nobody's gonna have a heart attack because they couldn't catch the latest installment of The Incredible Doctor Pol. They're working on it, and I appreciate them for doing a great job. After all, do we call and thank them for the 97% of the time the TV works? I know what that's like because here at the stations, people pretty much only call you if they have a request, if they want to win a contest, or if they're mad about something you said. People don't call when they think you're doing a good job, for the most part.

So hey, thanks cable guys. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch YouTube videos of dogs welcoming servicemen back home. I appreciate it.

Connectedly yours,

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