I was thinking about some social norms recently, and how things have changed over the years. Now as an adult, even before the bug, I didn't really go out much.

But I was thinking back about how things used to be, and that made my mind wander back to college.  This was maybe... late nineties, early 2000's.  I'm dating myself, I know.

I went to college. And in college, every now and then our group of friends would get together (okay, every weekend) and carouse.   One of my oldest friends, a guy named Joe, always had a little something to contribute to the festivities. He had about two or three party tricks he'd always pull out.  He'd do a thing where he could shake his eyeballs when staring at you.  I know, it sounds weird - and trust me, it IS weird. After a drink he'd do the "horizontal handstand" where he could lift and balance himself parallel to a table, basically holding himself up at a strange angle.

My friend Sam would pull out a guitar and he could play a few chords - but his party trick was that he would do a killer impression of the first few chords of "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne... complete with the Ozzy vocalizations.  In High School I had a friend named Jillian who could bend her fingers completely back  - it was something about her joints or her flexibility.  It didn't hurt her, but it sure looked like it hurt.

For me, I guess my party trick is that I can switch to and from different accents mid sentence.  It's kind of a thing I can do on demand.  I can't do algebra or speak Spanish or anything useful, but I can give you quick British accent if you need one.   So I wanted to ask you guys about your hidden talents.  What's your party trick or little thing you can do on demand?  Is it something silly, like being double jointed, or something useful, like can you add big numbers in your head?

Talentlessly yours,

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