It's been a long day. You've had a lot of stuff happen at work, and it's just been crazy.

Dave from accounting has been nagging you about the TPS reports, you got a nasty papercut, and you had a flat tire in the parking lot at lunch time. Nothing else went right the rest of the day!

You get home, get in the shower and cool off. Then you grab your favorite drink and sit in front of the TV on  the comfiest spot on the couch. Your pet is snuggled up next to you, and all is well with the world, finally.

But... now you're hungry. It's time for dinner. You deserve a treat! SO, that's the question, folks. If you're in your comfy spot and everything in the world granted you a wish for the perfect treat food to magically appear in front of you - with no bad health consequences...what would it be?

I'm a little torn between Eggs Benedict and a steak....


Yep, I think I chose steak. I made that. Myself. For ME. But of course, I couldn't eat it all.

So what's your treat food? Is it a meal, or a dessert, or a drink? Maybe something you only have every blue moon? Tell me all about it!

Deliciously yours,


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