I saw this on social media the other day, and I immediately was skeptical.  "Become a G.E.M. Treasure Today!" 

Because you know how it is, you see these campaigns and you just make your own assumptions.  You think, "Well geez, I'm sure this means I need to donate like a hundred dollars a month and I bet I have to spend about fifty hours down at the Open Door and after I sign the billion dollar contract to spend my life on a yacht out in international waters, I only have to donate ONE kidney."

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Nah, ya'll.  I mean, I get your cynicism.  But on this one, we can slow our collective roll.  The Open Door really can make a small, miniscule, almost forgettable amount of money go a ludicrously long way.  And really, it can be just what you can give that you might not even notice is gone from your account.  Here's how it works.

The G.E.M. Treasure program just means you're Giving Every Month.  That's what the acronym stands for.  It helps the Open Door when you do that, because they can plan ahead with what they're going to buy and with who can get what. And I know, you're thinking that you can't possibly give enough every month that's going to make a difference.  But that's just the thing. It really doesn't have to be a commitment that's going to break the bank. I'll let them explain.

$15 dollars a month covers 5 meals at the Open Door Kitchen (each meal costs about $3 to prepare and serve).  $20-50 a month helps sustain our mission... with the Emergency Vouches, Birthday Bag Program, Partners with Purpose Program. $100 a month feeds one family groceries from the food pantry.

Literally fifteen bucks a month feeds five people right there!  And honestly... my bank charges a fee every month of six bucks.  I don't notice that out of my account (although I really probably should, laugh's on me).  Just about doubling that feeds people in the Kitchen every month.  That's it! If you can give twenty, great, if you can more, great, and whatever you can do is also just great.  It's super simple and easy to do online, even, so you don't have to go down there. You can just set it up with Paypal or something, then then kind of just forget it.

So why not consider adding it to your outgoings every month? You can find out more and sign up here.

And hey, that means you can feel a little better about not joining the Sea Org.

Donatingly yours,

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