You know that moment at work when you're done with lunch, but the end of the day is NOWHERE in sight?  A new study found exactly when it happens.

The average person hits the wall at work at exactly 2:22 P.M.  And they experience that feeling at least three days a week.  Here are the top 10 reasons WHY we lose all ability to function in the middle of the afternoon . . .

1.  The office is too warm.

2.  You didn't get enough sleep the night before.

3.  An overwhelming amount of work.

4.  Boredom.

5.  It's hot outside.

6.  You ate too much for lunch.

7.  You're coming down after a crazy or busy morning.

8.  Dehydration.

9.  Worrying about money problems.

10.  Eating unhealthy food for lunch.

And the top three ways people try to break through their slump are going outside to get fresh air . . . drinking coffee . . . or taking another break.  Maybe it's GOOD that you're so bored at work that you know the complete count of ceiling tiles . . . AND the exact length of time you can take for a bathroom break without getting in trouble.

A new study out of the University of Central Lancashire in England (I keep up with them from time to time, I spent my sophomore year of college there) found that being bored at work is actually GOOD for you and your company.  It gives you time to DAYDREAM . . . and that leads to more CREATIVITY.  Now you know.

Workingly yours,


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