Practically every kid I ever knew had at least one favorite dinosaur. 

It's almost like every kid goes through the "dinosaur phase", right?  Well, now you can actually see some dinosaurs with just a bit of a drive.

There's something cool coming to Kansas City next month called Jurassic Quest.  Basically it's a travelling show of realistic looking replica dinosaurs.  They're as accurate as they can be to size, coloring, scales, feathers, the whole bit.  T. Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, you name it, it's there. And they move!  And they roar! There's over seventy in the whole thing, and it's not limited to land dinosaurs, but also marine creatures and some interactive baby dinosaurs.

They're going to be taking over Arrowhead Stadium May 14th through the 30th.   You can take pictures, and you also can listen in on an online audio tour with tons of fun facts.  Or if you have specific questions, you can also text a "dino doctor" on site.  Plus, you get a free souvenir photo!

Now I know some of you might be concerned about safety, so they've taken care of that, too. You don't even leave your car as you go through the exhibit. It's all drive through. Social distancing for the win.  So how do you get in on this thing?  I checked out their Facebook page to find out.

Come join us in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium, May 14 - 30th!
Timeslots and hours will vary by day. Tickets are good for entry at any time during your time slot. Be sure to secure your spot online before it sells out, as we do foresee a quick sell out. Tickets will be sold ONLINE ONLY. Tickets will not be available for purchase at the gate.
This sounds so cool. I know five year old me would have loved it.  Maybe your kid will enjoy it too!
Jurassically yours,

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