Two things you should know about Husbando: He used to a professional chef, and he does not read this blog.

So you'd think if you lived with a dude who spent twelve years cooking would mean you'd get amazing dinners, right?  Well, not always.  We have a schedule, and we alternate between who cooks.  Sometimes he'll whip up something fancy, sometimes he'll literally put some frozen burritos in the oven and that's it.

But, he's much more ambitious online.  He sees stuff on the Faceybooky all the time and shares it with me, usually saying something like, "Maybe we can try this?"  Most of the time it doesn't happen, or I'm the one cooking it, but hey.  Let's assess the last five times Husbando has "suggested" something to me.

1.  Mongolian Beef.

I would include a picture, but for some reason "Mongolian Beef" doesn't show up on our approved photo archive.


Did he make it?  No.  I did. Result?  Pretty good, if I say so myself.  There was a little left for the next night.

2. Portugese Egg Tarts.

Recipe here.

Did he make it? No. But, here's the quote: "Maybe I'll do it when the girls are here."

3. Home Made Pizza Rolls.


Did he make it? No. Again, "when the girls are here". So that basically means, "whenever I feel like it, if I feel like it".

4. Feta Cheese Bread Ring.


Did he make it? No. The quote this time is, "Maybe we'll make it next time you have a work party...."

5. Irish Cream Bundt Cake.


Did he make it? YES, but it was before we were married and he doesn't remember. I reminded him he made this for me and my cousin on a New Year's once, but he denies it and says it isn't the same cake.

So I guess what we've learned today is that Husbando is very ambitious about looking at recipes, but not so much about actually  making them.  Maybe he's subconsciously trying to tell me what to make on my night. Either way, I will obviously enjoy his imput on my social media.

Do you have any "we'll make this one day" recipes? What are they?

Cookingly yours,

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