I know that we all work hard, and we all try to keep everything positive in our lives. But sometimes, it can get to be overwhelming, keeping all those plates spinning.  Life is exhausting not just physically, but also mentally.  Mental exhaustion isn't the same as being stressed out, but being stressed out all the time can lead to mental exhaustion.

Mental exhaustion can make you feel like you can't get everything done, so you start to pull back and care less about things you used to have a fire for. It can make you feel tired and and overwhelmed.  So how can you tell the difference? What makes things cross that line to mental exhaustion? Here's a few signs.

1.  Irritation.

If you feel like every last little thing is getting on your nerves, and you're snapping at people, that could be a sign you need a break.

2.  Lack of Motivation.

If you feel like you have so much to do that you'll never get it all done, so you might as well not even try? Like you don't even want to try anymore, that's another sign.

3.  Disruptions in Sleep.

You might be partially so exhausted because your brain doesn't stop.  So it wakes you up or stops you from falling asleep properly.  And physical exhaustion can definitely bring about mental exhaustion, they're absolutely linked.

4.  Nausea or Dizziness.

This is your body telling you you're not okay.  I know some people tend to feel nauseous when they're nervous or when they're under a lot of stress.  This is your body telling you to get some rest, and detach from the situation.

5.  Memory Difficulties.

That's pretty simple, actually.  You have so much on your plate, you can't even remember to do it all.  It can definitely end up being something that drains you.

So what can you do to bring yourself back from mental exhaustion? It's probably simpler than you think.  If your work is the reason you're stressed out, a simple talk with co-workers or management to change things up could help.  And you have to remember to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority in your own life. Yes, we want to take care of our families, but who is going to take care of them if you can't make sure you're okay? There's a term that's being slapped around lately called mindfulness.  Mindfulness can really help you here.  Simply put, it's being present in your own moments. Try taking a minute or two to just breathe and be here right now.  Maybe you could look up some meditation techniques!

Anyway, I hope you're feeling well and I hope you remember to take care of yourself if you're starting to become mentally exhausted.  Take some time for yourself, you deserve it!

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