I know what you're thinking.  Don't think that. 

I know you're probably thinking this is another excuse for me to talk about those dudes I like, but it's not that this time, I swear!  I really think that music can reach across people's different experiences and speak to them, even if you can't understand the language they're singing in.  And after all, isn't a good song a good song, no matter where it comes from?  Well, that's what I think, anyways.  So, here are five songs that I love that are totally not in English, and hopefully you will love them too!  Totally not in any order, by the way, just songs just because.

1.  Alisha Chinai - Made In India

Okay, so first off - don't judge the visuals, this was all the way back in 1995.  So back in the day, this was high tech stuff.  Alisha has been a pop star in India since the 80's, and this is one of her most popular songs.  In fact, this is one of the biggest Indipop albums of all time - one of the few that actually sold on the same level as a Bollywood film soundtrack.  I think I found this one in college, probably when I was enjoying some recreational activities.  Ahem.  But, the song is really sweet and catchy, and the lyrics are all about how she wants to find a nice man who's heart is Made In India, get it.

2.  Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

You might remember way back there was a documentary about Cuban music before the revolution called Buena Vista Social Club.  I'm sure that's how I found this in college, because I remember there being a lot of Oscar buzz about the film. I think it was a nominee, if I remember rightly.  I saw it, and it was very charming to see the older musicians get together and talk about their lives, and to play together.  The film was named after the group, which is a loose combination of a bunch of different musicians.

3.  Filatov & Karas feat. Masha – Л"ирика

From what I can understand,  "Лирика" means "Lyric" in Russian.  The lyrics are pretty much about a one night love affair.  Something about embracing her like a daughter and putting her out like a cigarette?  It's hard to get a good translation.  But I didn't know what it meant for ages, and didn't care.  Filatov & Karas are a DJ duo who have been together and putting out hits for ages. I can't find much about the lady singer, but she seems legit.  I don't even remember how I found this song, but it probably was sent to me by my one Russian online friend.  We used to talk alot on one of those old messenger services back when people used MySpace.

4.  Charles Aznavour - La Bohème.

I'm pretty sure this was another song I found in college.  But you see, this probably came from a class I took.  I took French for three years in high school, and one year in college.  Can I speak it now? Heck no. But I can kind of make sense of it if I'm reading something in French.  Charles Aznavour was one of the most famous French singers of all time that you've never heard of.  He was often called the "Frank Sinatra of France".  Dude seriously had some straight amazing skills as an actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter.  He was also very politically active and fought hard early on for LGBTQ rights.  Some people are just talented, you know? He was one of those dudes.  Oh, and fun fact:  he was the voice of Carl in the French verison of Pixar's "Up".

5.  BTS - Tonight

OKAY OKAY OKAY.  Let me have this one. Technically this is not a BTS song. This is a song written and performed by Kim Seokjin, who is a member of BTS, but he did it on his own.  Well, he had help, but you get what I mean.  It was released for free on Soundcloud earlier this year.  It's not an official project, but something he did on the side. He wrote the song about pets he's had in the past who have died (super sad), namely his dog who died of old age and two of his sugar gliders, one of whom had an accident and the other I think also died of old age.

Are there some songs you like that are in a language you don't speak or understand?  What are they? What do you like about them?

Sonically yours,

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