Okay, I get it, it's close to Halloween. But still....Clowns are creepy.  They used to be fun and sweet, but over the last twenty years or so, we just can't see them that way anymore. So pretty much, if you're dressing up as a clown for Halloween this year, you've gotta know people are gonna be scared.  So when I saw this online, I reacted appropriately.  I clutched my pearls, obviously.

Christina Gardner
Christina Gardner

He looks so........ alone. But I know I'm not going over there.

Who is that? What were they doing in the Wal Mart parking lot? Why were you dressed up so early? Do you not know you're being freaky? Or maybe you're trying to freak us out? ANSWER ME.

Clowns. Ever since Pennywise, they're just not the same.

Clownly yours,

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